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The PLM Marine Group manages the purchase, operation, and sale of vessels for the PLM companies. The PLM fleet consists of bluewater cargo vessels.
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The PLM Air Group currently manages a fleet of 19 commercial and regional aircraft with a value of over $150 million.
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PLM is a platform for its management and equity owners in making private equity investments. We, and our affiliates have acquired in excess of $2 billion of assets in real estate, transportation equipment and other assets. While we will entertain most industries our focus is in basic industry, real estate, and financial services. We seek control positions in companies that require equity from $5 million to $100 million. We generally acquire fundamentally good businesses and asset portfolios that may have suboptimal capital structures, difficult to quantify liabilities, or have similar problems which cause illiquidity.

To submit an investment or acquisition candidate, please email an executive summary to Jim Coyne at jcoyne@plmi.com